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machining Equipment and Services

Precision Machined Components, Centerless Grinding and Mechanical Sub-Assembly. Engineering and prototype work
available in addition to high production volumes. Statistical Process Control (SPC) used on critical dimensions and per
customer request. AS9100 Revision D and ISO 9001:2008 Registered Quality System.

production equipment

cnc mills

2 – Mazak HCN5000 Horizontal Machining Centers โ€“ 40 HP, 18,000 RPM with 16 pallet system.

1 – 16 position Mazak Palletech system joined to the two machining centers above

1 โ€“ DMG Mori NHX 4000 Horizontal Machining Center with 240 tools and 5 Pallet Load System

1 โ€“ HAAS VF4 Vertical Machining Center โ€“ 40 taper, 50โ€ x 20โ€ x 25โ€ travel

1 – Mazak 410B Vertical Machining Center โ€“ 25 HP, 30โ€ x 16โ€ x 20โ€ Travel, 12,000 RPM

1 – Haas DT1 Drill and Tap Center –ย  15 HP, 20โ€ x 16โ€ x 15โ€ travel, 15,000 RPM

*ย  Above machines equipped with fourth axis milling capability

1 โ€“ DMG Mori โ€“ DMU-50 5th Axis Mill with 180 tools and 10 Pallet Load System

cnc swiss

(2) CNC Miyano BNA42GTY Automatic Lathes โ€“ 42mm capacity, sub spindle, live tooling
(1) CNC Citizen L32 Swiss Turning Center โ€“ 38mm capacity, sub spindle, live tooling, B axis
(1) CNC Citizen M32 Swiss Turning Center โ€“ 32 mm capacity, 9 axis, gun drilling, live tooling
(1) CNC Citizen L25 Type 7 Swiss Lathe โ€“ 25mm capacity 7 axis, gun drilling, live tooling
(1) CNC Citizen L20 Type 12 Swiss Lathe โ€“ 25mm capacity, sub spindle, live tooling, B axis
(4) CNC Citizen L20E Type 9 Swiss Lathes โ€“ 20mm capacity, 7 axis, live tooling
(1) CNC Citizen L12 Type 7 Swiss Lathe โ€“ 12mm capacity, 7 axis, live tooling

* Above Swiss machines equipped with magazine bar feeds and high pressure coolant

cnc lathes

(2) CNC Mori Seki NLX 2000 Lathe โ€“ dual spindle, live tooling, 30 HP turning & 7.5 HP Milling, 2.5โ€ capacity, 6000 RPM
(1) CNC Mazak QTN200MSY Lathe โ€“ dual spindle, live tooling, 2.5โ€ bar, 8โ€ chuck, 35 HP, 5000 RPM
(1) CNC Mazak QTN200MS Lathe โ€“ dual spindle, live tooling, 35 HP, 5000 RPM

* Above machines equipped with automatic bar loaders

support equipment:

(1) FDM 3D Printer
(1) #2 Cincinnati Centerless Grinder
(1) Feeler Turret Lathe
(1) Hardinge Chucker Lathe
(9) Drill Presses
(1) Sharp Vertical Mill w/DRO
(1) Accramill Vertical Mill w/DRO
(1) LeBlond 15โ€ x 32โ€ Tool Room Lathe
(1) 6โ€ x 12โ€ Surface Grinders
(1) Browne and Sharp Tool Cutter Grinder
(4) Belt Sanders
(1) Vertical Band Saw
(4) Baldor Buffing Machines
(2) Drill Grinders
(2) Digital Counting Scales
(1) Do-All Horizontal Band Saw with Auto Feed
(1) Vision Engineering Mantis Elite microscope

Quality Assurance Department

(1) Zeiss Duramax CMM, 19.69 x 19.69 x 19.69, Calypso Software
(1) Keyence IM-6225 Optical Measurement System 6.6 mega pixel
(1) Starrett, Quadra Check HB 400 and (1) Starret HD400 with MetLogix Optical Comparators
(1) Mitutoyo SJ-201 Profilometer
(1) Mitutoyo SJ-411 Profilometer
(3) Height Gauges 24โ€
(1) Mitutoyo 24โ€ Height Gauge with Digital Readout
(2) Sets of Grade Two Mitutoyo Gauge Blocks
(3) Sets of Mitutoyo Precision Gauge Pins .011 โ€“ 1.000 in .001 increments
(9) Granite Surface Plates
(1) Federal Air Gauge w Resolution to .00002
(1) Hardness Tester
(2) Mitutoyo Digital Boremaster Gauges
(1) Mitutoyo MDH High Accuracy Micrometer
(1) Vision Engineering Mantis Elite Microscope
Solidworks Inspection
Extensive library of thread gauges and gauge pins

Other Services

Laser Marking
Vibratory Deburring
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Bead Blasting
Mechanical Sub-Assembly
Specialized Packaging
Certified suppliers for Plating, Anodizing, Heat Treating, Non Destructive Testing


Since 1952 Teton Machine Company has been turning our client’s ideas into working mechanical components.

Today Teton’s engineering department can receive a solid model file in *.igs, *.x_t, *.xmt, *.par, *.dwg, *.dxf, *.sldprt, *.sldasm, *.x_b or *.P_b formats via e-mail from a client, manipulate the solid model in three dimensions and quickly and efficiently produce a manufacturing program that can be sent to the shop floor.

Teton utilizes GibbsCAMยฎ, Partmakerยฎ and Solidworksยฎ combined with years of working with world class organizations like Hewlett Packard, Varian and Johnson & Johnson to produce world class mechanical components and assemblies.

Machining + AutoCAD
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